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Makedonska Kuka-Skopje
Str. "Mitropolit Teodosij Gologanov" b.b.
Makedonska Kuka-Prilep
Str. "Joske Jordanoski" 4


Tel: (Skopje)+389 2 3296 415
Tel: (Prilep)+389 48 433 419

Work time 08 - 24

  Enjoy the pleasant ambience in restaurants Makedonska Kuka

The traditional restaurant Makedonska Kuka is one of the most authentic characteristics of the Macedonian spirit and traditions in the catering industry. They are not simply restaurants, but also museums-- unique and priceless collections of souvenirs and ornaments, many centuries old, in traditional Macedonian structures which provide an ambient setting for any gathering.

Original recipes, loyal to age-old Macedonian traditions, are attributes of the abundant gourmet kitchens which are typical of this area.

While dining, selections of Macedonian traditional music supplement regular live performances of national ensembles and folk dancing groups.
Traditional Macedonian restaurant Makedonska Kuka in Prilep has been declared the best traditional restaurant in Macedonia on numerous occasions.

.: Makedonska Kuka : Prilep

The traditional restaurant Makedonska Kuka in Prilep many times has been declared for the best national restaurant in Macedonia. With a capacity of 700 seats Makedonska Kuka in Prilep is gourmand destination and tourist attraction which unifies Macedonian people and the people from the world in the heart of Macedonia for years.
.: Makedonska Kuka : Skopje

The new national restaurant Makedonska Kuka in Skopje offers comfort for 350 guests. Roundabout with proper car park in the green area, across former factory Alumina, the restaurant fascinates with its beauty and spirit.
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